Operation Management Masterclass

This intensive Operation Management Masterclass workshop which will be held in Malaysia and Dubai covers the overview of product and service requirements into facilities, procedures, and operating organizations.

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010 and Standards 2015 and Implementing Compliance

Join our workshop on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 for a crash course on the legal compliance needed for maintaining effective data security.

Business Communication Skills

This program gives participants a crash course on the effective oral and written communication skills required for business deals.

Press Release Writing in the Digital Age; Write with Impact, Influence and Inspiration

This Press Release hands-on course gives delegates an opportunity to hone their writing skills, whether writing news releases, feature articles, corporate communications or blog posts. Importantly, it also guides you on how to make the most of digital communications, such as social media and search engine optimization to make sure your message is read and shared by the right people.

Oral English and Better Grammar for Business

This intensive course is for very busy working adults who need to enhance their credibility in their written work, be it a business proposal or business emails. Learn what it takes to produce fluent and error-free written work.

Train the Trainer Certification NSC (JPK TTT)

This highly-interactive course is designed to help individuals develop the organizational and charismatic skills needed to become an effective Trainer

Effective Debt Collection and Credit Management

Packed with effective and proven to work techniques, this one-day program on Credit Management and Debt Collection is highly interactive and uses a very useful approach in dealing with day to day collection needs.

Leadership Skills for Managers~ 7 Key Tools for Leaders

This is not a management course. It is distinctly a leadership training program. We believe that leadership is the capacity to influence others to act. Leadership is an

Persuasive Talk- Advanced NLP Persuasion Techniques through Presentation

When you are presenting to clients, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders - are you just delivering information? Steve Jobs definitely gave you a great example of how to turn your products to a story. You too can have that ability.

Interview Skills- Competency and Behaviorial Based

This Interview skills workshop provides a structured, replicable approach to interviewing by developing the skills your people need to interview confidently.

Influencing and Persuading Skills

Come and Discover how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can transform your way through communication! Practice the secrets used by star communicators and lay the foundations of strong communication.

FMEA- Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Failure Mode Effects Analysis training (FMEA) is a valuable tool for preventing failure in both product and process design. FMEA is not a form to be completed alone by the responsible engineer after the design has been completed.

HIRARC;Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control

This hiradc course provide delegates with an introduction to the practical approaches to identifying the occupational health and safety (OHS) hazard of your company.

Negotiate To Win; Secrets to Improve Your Negotiation Effectiveness

This negotiation skills course explores the strategic communication and persuasion skills necessary to every effective negotiation process.

Positive Mental Attitude

This course will focus on developing Executives to become self-directed performers with the right attitude for learning and ultimately deliver high quality work that will make a bottom-line difference in your organization.

Excellent Customer Service & Response to Complaints

This Customer Service course provides participants with comprehensive communication and people management skills that strengthens client retention.

Filing and Records Management

Come and attend this powerful Effective Filing and Records Management training workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is also part of the Clerical Development program Best in Malaysia documents

MS Project 2013 - Level 1

This MS Project workshop introduces the new user to Microsoft Projectand you will learn how create and modify a project plan. The plans need to be updated and modified regularly to keep the project moving on track. Familiarise yourself with the bas

Copywriting for Branding & Marketing

This 2-day workshop provides copywriters with the opportunity to dissect and analyse great copy, understand the thinking that led to it, and how to develop their own ability to write like a God.

Cross Cultural Communication

Doing business in Asia learn cross cultural business program |Are you comfortable working and communicating within a culturally diverse environment? How comfortable are you to speak up during meetings with foreign customers?

Email and Report Writing Skills

This Email and Report Writing course is designed to boost administrative professionals develop top-notch writing skills to increase their efficiency

Production Resource Planning, Scheduling and Activity Control

Integrate production management methods into your operation and keep productivity up. Even if the economy is down.

Proposal Writing Skills - Business and Technical

Proposal writing training course is designed to teach you how to write a winning proposal. Winning proposals are persuasive and interesting but easy to read. They demonstrate clear objectives, specific time frames, reasonable budget requests and doable deliverables.

Employment Law - Understanding Grievance Handling, Disciplinary & Termination Procedures

The main purpose of this Effective Termination of Employment, Handling Misconduct and Conducting Domestic Enquiry program is to allow the Human resource management to familiarize themselves with the implication of the Labour laws.

Strategic Contract Negotiation and Deal Making

This 2-day Strategic Contract Negotiation training course is custom designed to provide participants with essential negotiation skills and interpersonal qualities for effective outcomes.

Telephone Techniques and Handling Difficult Callers

Dealing with customers and handling their complaints on the telephone is stressful and risky business! In this course, we will share with you on how to meet those challenges.

Secretary And Administrative Skills

This secretary and administrative training program aims to equip executive assistant personnel with multi-disciplinary administrative skills for self-development and overall workplace improvement.

Strategic Performance Management

The Strategic Performance Management Training program provides participants with the key understanding and skill application in managing performance as well as the use of coaching as an approach to maximize the potential of their people.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership- EQ for Managers & Leaders is one of the most effective problem solving processes that can successfully be applied in many different types of industries and organizations.

Managing Discipline at the Workplace

Running a business in Malaysia will require you to have a clear understanding of the Malaysian Employment Law and Industrial Relations practice. It is an invaluable tool to help protect your rights and obligation as both an employer and employee.

HR for Non HR Managers

This HR for Non HR Managers course highlights the complete employee life-cycle from pre-recruitment to post-termination as well as covering key employment law affecting the employer-employee relationship.

Creative and Critical Thinking

This course, Unleash the Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, is ideal for groups of people who aim to solve problems complex coThis course, Unleash the Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, is ideal for groups of people who aim to solve problems complex co

Certificate in Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis allows you to directly link the skills needed within the organisation with your current skill level.This course equips you with the skills required to carry out a training needs analysis.

Decision Making and Problem Solving Strategies

This is a 5 day interactive and innovative workshop that is simple but powerful for applying proven decision making and problem solving strategies to business situations, even the seemingly complex ones.

Drafting & Negotiating Commercial Contracts : Review & Minimise Risk

This Commercial Contracts Drafting course will assist legal counsel and contract managers to read, review, perform risk management of contracts that they may not have designed or negotiated, to determine the specific terms that are applicable.

Developing and Implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) And Key Results Area (KRA)

Once an organization has analyzed its mission, identified all its stakeholders, and defined its goals, it needs a way to measure progress toward those goals.

Strategic Management 5 days International

This course is named STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT; Thinking, Planning and Implementing, creating competitive advantages, and developing and implementing winning strategies. Participants will be acquainted to the latest techniques and strategies available in strategic management, in a programme geared to be hands-on, with exciting workshops, exercises, simulations, video analysis, case studies and other accelerated learning methods, to practice the usage of these skills with team members for maximum participation.

Supply Chain Management

Global supply chain management is a critical success factor for manufacturers and retailers in most industries. A product or service is delivered to the ultimate customer through a complex interaction of companies i.e. through a supply chain.

Report Writing; How to Write Simply and Clearly

Have you ever had difficulty in organising your thoughts in writing? Or in deciding how to put together all the technical information you have available in writing? If you have had these kinds of difficulties, this course is for you

Handling Full Set of Accounts

This Handling Full Set of Accounts with GST factor training programme enables participants to understand how to prepare full set of financial accounts leading to preparations of financial statements.

People Management Skills; Managing Different Personalities

Coping with Anger Management? Join this training to train yourself to manage your emotions and understanding why others behaved the way you hated.

Strategic Planning and Execution; Turning Your Vision to Reality

You have a vision for your company your ultimate goals? Come and join this life-changing training program today.

Effective Communication, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Engineers

Do you want to be able to communicate your ideas and vision effectively? Do you need tools that can ignite your creative thinking abilities? Do you want to be able to make calculated decisions that could bring better chances of success?

Supervisory Development Skills

This Supervisory course provides participants with strategies for effective supervision, and the skills and knowledge required to lead a team or work group in a business environment.

Microsoft Excel- Advanced

This Excel: ADVANCE training program aims to build on a pre-existing foundation of Excel skills and helps to master complex data management features.

8D Problem Solving Process

This 8D Problem Solving Training Course gives participants a detailed understanding of root cause analysis and problem solving skills.

Developing Effective Business Case

This Developing Effective Business case course is carefully crafted to help you define the best solutions to your frustrating problems with your business or new products.

Technical Report Writing

This Technical Report Writing course is customized to help engineers and technical personnel develop more effective writing flow and structure..

Certified Master Trainer

To be a professional trainer requires a multitude of skills and character traits that in turn requires no small amount of training. Regardless of where you are in your profession, be it the position of specialist or department manager, you’ll find it impossible to take up the trade of a trainer without first making the right preparations. A proficiency for organized design and comprehensive articulation are necessary to construct your own modules for the desired effect on your potential participants. A good idea of people management in order to generate enthusiasm, engagement and detecting where the skill gaps are in your audience is also important. Perhaps most importantly, one must have the ability to “own the stage” and present with complete confidence in order to inspire the same. This highly interactive 4-day training program will give you the tools you need to become the best trainer you can be.

Crisis Management on Social Media; How to Respond to a Social Crisis Effectively

This one day training intensive Crisis Management on Social Media workshop is designed to be highly practically to will help you create your own robust crisis management strategy before things spiral out of control and cause permanent reputational da

Developing And Implementing Customer Service Strategies

Developing and Implementing Customer-Centric Service; Strategy, Culture & Mindset

StoryTelling Skills for Organisational Change

Surely you can remember the one time that YOU were fascinated by a good story. Think for a moment, have you ever watched a movie or read a blog that you mesmerised you? Remember those times when you read a post on facebook and the story helped you change your opinion about something? So, there is no doubt that stories, and the way they are told, create an imprint and lasting impression on the way we see things, we act and decide. Storytelling is indeed a powerful medium of change. It is a wonderful leadership tool, and when used in a precise manner, influence minds. Storytelling can persuade, inspire and motivate people significantly. This storytelling skills brings positive changes in the way people think, work and make important decisions. What exactly works in the storytelling? We use stories as Metaphors because they are one of the most powerful ways for influence and persuasion. Telling stories as metaphors is an art that can to be mastered, to get accurate results in influencing.

Lean Six Sigma

This Lean Six Sigma introductory course provides a concise overview for executives and senior managers who are involved in evaluating business operation and transactional performance.Through this course, you can start to establish your own Six Sigma

Digital Marketing Strategy on Social Media (Advanced)

Nowadays, the social media networks have gained worldwide popularity. What started off as Gen-Y rage to learn new web technologies is not pertinent to businesses.

Financial Modelling For Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Statements In Excel

This course teaches participants how to create accurate and comprehensive financial modelling for forecasting, budgeting and costing with Excel.

Social Media Marketing Masterclass; setup, manage and optimise social media campaigns effectively

Leadn from the best Social Media Marketing in this Masterclass; setup, manage and optimise social media campaigns effectively program.

Social Media Marketing and Branding Development

Take your social media marketing game to the next level by integrating A.I. technology into your brand development strategy in this dynamic course.

Stress and Mind Relaxation Retreat

Each and everyone of us responds differently to stress, some may experience anxiety, panic attacks, aggressive behavior while others find it affects their digestive system or makes them feel tired or run down.

Image, Grooming and Personal Branding

Appearances, business and social etiquette are critical for an individual to present a professionally positive and well-groomed impression.

Sales Strategy; How to Win and Retain Customers with NLP

This Sales Strategy with NLP training program is aimed at sharpening the skills and raising the confidence of sales professional to close deals, increase sales volume, increase revenue and profit.

High Impact Time, Anger and Stress Management With NLP & Sound Therapy

Each and everyone of us responds differently to stress, some may experience anxiety, panic attacks, aggressive behavior while others find it affects their digestive system or makes them feel tired or run down.

Mindset Transformation

Understanding personal driving forces and how to motivate & inspire people maybe the greatest challenge for most company leaders and managers who are looking forward to succeed in their career.This powerful Mindset Transformational and experiential w

Personal Leadership Development for New Managers

Personal Leadership Development Program is one of the most effective problem solving processes that can successfully be applied in many different types of industries and organizations.

Accounting for Non-Accountants

This Accounting for Non-Accountants course gives participants an in-depth understanding of the analytical skills involved in effective accounting.

Persuasive & Influencing Skills Using NLP

A 2-day HIGH POWER Persuasive and Influencing Skills workshop is to sharpen your persuasive and influencing skills . These skills focuses on redefining your current roles, positioning and promoting yourself , products and services you provide to your

Emotional Intelligence for Managers (NLP)

Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill set for managers that allows you to more effectively empathize, communicate and persuade with your team.

Live Chat Customer Support

live Chat provides convenience, speed and reduction in the customer’s effort to reach us. Being a major customer service channel, it requires specific skills in order to improve customer experience. It might seem that chat is simple, easy, no problem!! However chats, unlike words, stay in the customer’s possession. A quick copy / paste by the customer to the wrong people or media can enhance or destroy a company’s reputation. With Customer Satisfaction as the main objective, the chat agent needs focused training on soft skills such as greeting, opening, setting the tone, probing, understanding, critical reading, providing answers and solutions, wrapping up the chat and personalized good bye’s

Persuasive and Influencial PowerTalk - Advanced NLP 5 days International

When you are presenting to clients, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders - are you just delivering information? Steve Jobs definitely gave you a great example of how to turn your products to a story. You too can have that ability.

Personal Leadership Development for New Managers International

Personal Leadership Development training program is one of the most effective problem solving processes that can successfully be applied in many different types of industries and organizations.

Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers International

You are facing a leadership challenge. Your organization has to make strategic adjustments, or perhaps adopt a new strategic direction, and that means change for a lot of people.

Strategic Management

Participants will be acquainted with the latest techniques and strategies available in strategic management, in a program geared to be hands-on, with exciting workshops, exercises, simulations, video analysis, case studies, and other accelerated learning methods, to practice the usage of these skills with team members for maximum participation.


This course will develop Mental Toughness to increase Adversity Intelligence. Leaders with higher Adversity intelligent are better in performance thus improve in trust, teamwork, planning & decision making, motivation, energy & drive and interpersona

High Performance Team Development and Teamwork

Do you know your Team personality? How can your own personality contribute to the team? Improve team relationships to improve team performance.

Business English: Spoken English and Grammar

Most of us use English at work know the grammar of the language but they may not know much about the grammar how to analyse their own use of it. This practical workshop aims to establish an understanding of the basic ways in which the rules.

Advanced Selling Skills: Insight Sales (b2b)

The 21st century business landscape has rendered the traditional selling approach ineffective if not obsolete. In the past, the management response to slowing sales had been to double down on more calls, meetings, coaching and upskilling in those areas in order to accelerate sales again. However, in this day and age where the clientele is equipped with more information and options than ever before, such approaches are not nearly enough. What's needed is a more data-driven approach. Enter "Insight Selling". A tailored methodology that gleans key insights from the sales process and turns it into solid data for a better, more effective sales experience for the customer. The Insight Selling Process analyzes interactions between salesperson and customer and uses the insight offered by the latter to create a "panel" of more effective responses for a mutually beneficial outcome. This is a far more systematic predictor of sales conversion than a salesperson's most experienced guess. Besides being a data-driven approach, it is also one that encourages salespeople to engage customer needs and anxieties. In this day and age, the customer is spoiled for choice and can do their own research on the product or service they need. And yet, they still talk to sales reps. Why? They need detailed assurance that Google can't provide for all the questions they may not even know how to ask and all the answers they need to know everything about.. This two day course will help familiarize you with the process that can provide that.

Risk Management & Assessment Tools at the Workplace

What is so special in this Risk Management and Assessment course? You want to be sharp in identifying and analyzing Risk management and Assessment portfolio in your field. With your acute Risk Management skills, you can make wise and accurate decisions in picking the most appropriate risk models for your business.

NLP Practitioner Certification-Perth

In this engaging 7-day NLP Practitioner workshop, you will discover how to develop your emotional intelligence to increase your personal and interpersonal effectiveness in your personal lives and at work. Learn how to sail through your deepest challe

IPv4 Network Administrator Training

IPv4 Network Administrator Training is design for participants will to learn IP addressing, Sub-netting, Route Summarisation, Access control, Common Network equipment, basic Router administrative commands, configuring Router interfaces, planning a Ne

Fundamentals of Contracting

The significance and role of contracts and contracts professionals in the world of business, The contract management lifecycle and the elements essential to each of its phases, Basic risk assessment techniques, The principles and process of contract

Effective Inventory & Store Management

Organization materials cost constitutes the major cost for the production of their products. Materials cost consist of Ordering Cost, Receiving Cost, Holding Cost, Reject Cost and Purchase Cost. We need to balance or optimize this cost.

Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

Cost of Poor Quality is how much money a non-conforming condition costs your organization especially defective materials.

Risk Management & Assessment Tools at the Workplace - International

What is so special in this Risk Management and Assessment course? You want to be sharp in identifying and analyzing Risk management and Assessment portfolio in your field. With your acute Risk Management skills, you can make wise and accurate decisions in picking the most appropriate risk models for your business.

Business Acumen Skills- Think like the CEO

This Business Acumen course is designed to give clients more comprehensive strategic knowledge of their business operations and the skills to apply it

Change Management for Leaders

Change Management workshop is about the process of supporting a work group to operate in a team-oriented environment that is characterized by such philosophies as shared purpose, shared values, shared vision, shared mission and a performance development system that enables people to grow both personally and professionally.

Effective Presentation & Influencing Skills Using NLP

Effective Presantation & Influencing Skills seminar offers presentation tips and strategies to help you develop both your presentation and influencing skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control and poise and without fear.

Interpret and Analyse Financial Statements and Cash Flow Analysis for Better Decision Making

This hands-out practical workshop is a crash course to help decision makers like yourself, to gain deeper understanding of any company's position through analysis of their finances.

Managing Emotion, Conflict and Change

In this highly experiential and interactive Anger Management training workshop, you will learn to become receptive to your own emotional hot buttons and manage emotions, reactions and defensive behaviours better.

Managing Time and Increasing Work Efficiency

This 2 day intensive Time Management activity-based workshop will help you pinpoint causes of procrastination and indecision, detect personal time-wasters and increase your concentration and focus.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate

This Excel: Intermediate training program helps build on participants' basic foundation of Excel. Learn more advanced features crucial to effective data management skills.

MS Project 2013 - Level 2

This MS Project 2013 (Level 2) course will provide you with the tools to exercise greater cost and management control over your projects, enabling you to work on projects, avoid scheduling conflicts, exchange project data with other users

Negotiation Skills and Cost Optimization for Purchasing Professionals

his powerful Negotiation training for purchasing professionals describes a range of successful negotiating techniques and explains how you can use them to help you achieve your key objectives.

NLP Coaching Skills for Managers

Being a successful manager requires not only business knowledge, but also coaching skills. This course teaches you how to handle the challenges you face in your role as a manager and a leader in a team.

High Impact Telesales

This Telesales and telemarketing training program takes a practical approach in terms of enhancing skills that are imperative for Sales and Service professionals to perform both their functions confidently.

Professional Business Presentation Skills

The Professional Business Presentation Skills course is customised to focus on building on your confidence using a variety of techniques dealing with presenting in the business world.

Scheduled Waste Management

Schedule Waste Management Training. ESH, Environment, Safety and Health Training in Malaysia

Commercial Contracts 101: Understanding Tenancies & Lawful Evictions

Over 85% of business transactions are governed by contracts. Understanding and managing commercial contracts to avoid business liability.

Warehouse Management and Operations Control: Strategy, Implementation & Control- 5 days

This Warehouse Management course comes alive with the several modules of interactive lectures, participative discussions, and many case studies that debunk and discusses the solutions to real-life problems makes the core of the training.

Warehouse Management and Operations Control: Strategy, Implementation & Control

This Warehouse Management course comes alive with the several modules of interactive lectures, participative discussions, and many case studies that debunk and discusses the solutions to real-life problems makes the core of the training.

IT Project Management

This IT Project Management course is specially tailored for the all the managers and executives involved in IT projects who need to acquire competent skills in using MS Project software to manage, control and document a project's progress.

Microsoft Excel - Basic

This Microsoft Excel course provides you with comprehensive training on the basic functions, formulas and features of Excel. Customizable to suit your corporate data analysis needs.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Level 1

In today's fast- paced, businesses using Microsoft Power Point presentation is indispensable. Learn to use it to prepare sales kit, proposals and reports professionally and create an impression on your audience.

Advanced Negotiation Skills Certification 4 days International

This negotiation skills course is designed to equip experienced negotiators with powerful strategies and techniques to outperform their competition.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

If we are unable to deal with such customers, the problem might end up being an even bigger complaint, a heated fight or a viral on social media for the wrong publicity. It's never easy to handle difficult people because it affects us emotionally. We definitely don’t want to risk such scenes in our business affecting our branding, reputation or sales.

Colored Brain Communication for Leaders; Lead, Drive and Inspire Your Team

Developed by Arthur Francisco Carmazzi, “Colored Brain Communication” is a mode of psychometric profiling that distinguishes itself from other behavioral analytical tools by focusing less on a person’s identity and more on their neuro-processing “identity”. Each individual communicates in a very specific set of ways that makes them productive with a certain group of like-minded people and discordant with another group of people. This method of mental processing and communication can be categorized into specific sets of “brain colors”. They encompass how we act, react, analyze , solve complex problems and motivate ourselves. Ever since its inception as a valid tool for psychometric analysis, Colored Brain Communication has since become one of the foremost methodologies used in the corporate world to facilitate conflict resolution, team development and consistently garner peak performances around its organizational framework. The secrets to its success lie in being able to create a heightened state of self-awareness in our decision making, how to gravitate towards similarly "brained" individuals and how to adapt to those who are different from us. This program will participants through a detailed understanding of the concepts behind “Colored Brain Communication” and the analytical tools it makes available for a healthier, more productive workplace

Business Analysis for Decision Making

This course gives participants in-depth knowledge on the business analytical skills needed for effective decision-making and strategic planning.

Crisis & Disaster Management

How to handling disaster, Tackling crisis, Addressing operational & business continuity? We have global warming crisis now and it appears to stay. Earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunamis hit Asia, America and Oceania many times in the past, and can recur any time too in future. These natural disasters and crisis are made worse by other man-made crisis like terrorist attacks, regional wars (both military and economics). Then there are calamities like massive oil spills from shipwrecked tankers, nuclear rector leakages, hazardous chemical factories explosions, and act s of sabotages like hijacking and pirate attacks on the high seas. Our planet earth never seemed to be void of pandemics. The bovine fever or mad cows disease invaded Europe in the 80’s. Then SARs, JE, and bird’s flu that broke Asia in turmoil the 90’s. Most recently the corona virus (CoVid-19) starting in Wuhan province in China became a world-wide crisis as declared by WHO. What do we do as individuals, as ciiizens of nations to counter or be safe from this plague? And as employees of organisations that stand to lose huge, financially and non-financially, each time disaster/crisis erupts? This Course discuses how To Be Prepared, and What To Do when disaster and crisis strikes.

Stakeholder Management

You will learn how to implement changes by focusing on the social styles and personal values to build strong stakeholder relationships at all levels.

Pengurusan Gudang, Stor & Inventori Yang Berkesan

Industri logistik hari ini menghadapi pelbagai cabaran untuk menurunkan kos, meningkatkan kepantasan operasi dan memenuhi kehendak pelangan. Ketiga-tiga objektif ini boleh dicapai melalui pengurusan stor yang berkesan dan efisyen.

Service Level Agreements (SLA); Understanding Buyers & Vendor Roles

Benefit all levels of personnel engaged in purchasing and procurement, commercial and contracts management and service level agreements.

Administrative Professional Conference

This conference is a training and networking opportunity dedicated to equipping clients with more strategic skill sets and groom them for LEADERSHIP.

Strategic Planning, Execution , Negotiation & Deal Making

You have a vision for your company your ultimate goals? Come and join this life-changing training program today.

Managing Meetings and Minutes Writing Made Easy

This 2-Day Minutes Writing workshop is designed to help you improve your skills in minute-taking. You will do various fun, edu-training practical activities that will show you how to write accurately and concisely while selecting the right vocabulary

Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers

You are facing a leadership challenge. Your organization has to make strategic adjustments, or perhaps adopt a new strategic direction, and that means change for a lot of people.

Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner Certification

Contract management and commercial competence have become critical enablers of business performance, whether in the public or private sector. Together they have the potential to drive better value to trading parties and improved reputations, delivery

Persuasive Communication Skills

In today's business world, our work requires not only the academic skills. You need to build up your resilience and agility at work to handle all kinds of situations. And NLP can help achieve this through its core communication techniques.

Effective Contract Negotiations

Do you feel that anyone without training can negotiate a contract well? You would be losing a lot of money and energy if so. Contracts govern your organization’s relationships with vendors, customers, partners, and employees. Effective contract management ensures these relationships are efficient and profitable so that your business benefits from every agreement and you get optimal financial returns. To ensure your projects’ contracts are properly lay out and negotiated on a win-win basis, you want to learn how to strategically Negotiate All your Contracts!

Strategic Planning For HR Specialists

This HR for Non HR Managers course highlights the complete employee life-cycle from pre-recruitment to post-termination as well as covering key employment law affecting the employer-employee relationship.

Business Continuity Plan for Pandemic Crisis

An influenza pandemic would have a very significant impact on economic activity and would pose a major threat to business continuity. In the event of a pandemic, businesses would suffer high rates of absenteeism, disruption to supply-chains, disruption to business travel, controlling risk of infection in the workplace and a fall in demand for goods and services, as well as human resource, insurance and cash flow. The threat could be severely affect businesses resulting in huge losses, retrenchment, health issues such as deaths and widespread of contagious diseases, low morale of workers and even potential bankruptcy.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

There's perhaps nothing else in workplace management that requires the subtlety of soft skills than coaching and mentoring. When it comes a sports, there's no misunderstanding the value of a good coach. They maintain morale, look out for the overall well being of their team, bring out the very best of their potential and lead them towards a victorious season. If that kind of leadership is essential on the field, why shouldn't it be as important in the workplace? All managers need to be able to maximize the potential of their employees in a similar fashion through coaching and mentoring. Both are goal-focused approaches that require empathy and genuine curiosity. Mutual, non-judgemental listening skills are paramount. Motivational anecdotes by themselves are not enough. Coaching and mentoring needs to offer structured solutions that help people gradually overcome their impediments and acheive Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and TImely goals. It's a long, patient process. Above all, managers need to remember that rapport is built through mutural respect. Coaches and Mentors don't "fix" people. They understand them.

Diversity At Workplace

This Workplace Diversity training course is a method to teach employees best practices when interacting with individuals with diverse backgrounds. This course can educate employees on how to break the barriers (ethnic, social, political differences, etc.) of employees, so that they can work jointly and productively as a team.

Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting and Reporting

This Budgeting & Cashflow course offers participants the skills needed to analyze company revenue and create resource financial management strategies

KAIZEN Process of Continuous Improvement

KAIZEN is one of the famous Japanese philosophies on continual improvement. Kaizen means improvement, which is ongoing and involve everyone.

Webinar - Managing Virtual Teams (1 day)

In this one-day workshop, learn how to successfully lead and manage individuals and teams who work in different locations. Acquire the tools, skills and methodologies that will help you to overcome the significant obstacles that are created by working in this way


An in-depth 3-day training course on the data visualization and modelling functions of the POWER BI MOBILE dashboard and cloud-based SERVICE.

Webinar- Successful Selling During Crisis ( 1 day)

Times are tough ! We are facing one of the toughest business environment at all times. We are going through the Covid-19 pandemic, movement control order, lockdown and the potentially of the most slump economic growth for the last decade. In this uncertain business environment, effective selling skills has never been more important than now. To make sure you have continuous revenue stream, you want to ensure the sales team and yourself are equipped with practical selling skills that help you generate sales. Learn to:  - understand how to sell during a crisis or economic slump vs business as usual  - Establish strong trust relationship with clients & stakeholders by understanding their social styles  - understand customers' primary and secondary needs and pain points  - Establishing opportunities to sell  - understand how to gain commitment & handle sales objections

Social Media Marketing for Business Growth during Covid-19

With rapidly changing market conditions due to COVID-19, communicating with customers via social media has never been more important.

Sales Coaching for High Performance (2 days)

This workshop is designed to transform managers into coaches, equipping participants with tools and methodologies to help them to coach their team members effectively to become high performers.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

This course empowers non-finance managers with the essential financial knowledge and skills needed to make key decisions and drive business success.

Webinar - Manage & Lead Change During Crisis (90 min)

90 min Bite Size Virtual Learning leaders who are leading and coaching your entire team to sail through the stormy lockdown, pandemic and business downturn. Business lockdown! Worrying about sales! Stop worrying, Start acting!

Win-Win Negotiation

Do you usually avoid negotiations because you find them uncomfortable?  Do you spend long nights wide awake when you have to climb out of bed the next morning before sunrise to negotiate one thing or another?  Do lots of your negotiations bring about misunderstandings rather than new worthwhile enterprises? Have you ever dreamed that you could fly through a deal without being seen as hostile or overconfident?  If your response to the majority of these questions is YES, then you need a 'helping hand' and if you attempt to focus on these next valuable points, you'll find that negotiating is easy and learnable. It's usually the variety of expectations, emotions, and strategies involved that really applies the pressure to the negotiator, which easily can - and often does steer the process in the wrong direction. 

Debt Collection Through Telephone Skills

Packed with effective and proven to Telephone Debt collection techniques training, this one-day program on Debt Collection by phone is highly interactive and uses a very useful approach in dealing with day to day collection needs. Now it is webinar format.

Power Query & Power Pivot

A one-day intensive training in Excel business You use: •Use Power Query to get, clean, shape and transform your data •Use Power Pivot to model your huge data, define calculations and establish relationship between tables/ queries.

Webinar- Lateral Thinking Skills, Handling Conflict & Difficult Situations

We need lateral thinking to weave themselves out of conflicts and difficult situation. Lateral thinking is a creative problem-solving tool. It helps generate new ideas by looking at problems from different perspectives. Innovation occurs when many possibilities. The abundance of ideas, regardless of how bizarre, can lead to the one genius idea that boggles the mind and solve your problem!


This training project takes a practical approach in terms of enhancing skills that are imperative for Telephone debt collectors to INCREASE COLLECTION REVENUE.

Microsoft Powerpoint - Intermediate

In today's fast- paced, businesses using Microsoft Power Point presentation is indispensable. Learn to use it to prepare sales kit, proposals and reports professionally and create an impression on your audience.

Essential Virtual Presentation Tips & Tools

Covid-19 will change our way of life. Vaccines need around 24 months so the virus will be rampant again in the next Autumn and Winter, of 2021 and 2022 in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Working from home will be common as employers (save office rental costs) and staff (save commute time, look after the elderly and young) embrace it. Those who currently attend Video Conferences (VC) will find themselves leading these VCs as they show, teach and communicate with those they supervise.

Engage Your Audience Online

Are you also having to conduct your presentations online and like most of us, it is yet another skill that you need to master to continue your employment or reach sales targets?

High Impact Sales Coaching (1 day)

Is your sales team strong, innovative and productive? Business lockdown! Worrying about sales! Stop worrying, Start acting!

How to Bring Your Virtual Presentation to Life

Demand for virtual presentations is on the rise. Team meetings, webinars, client meetings, conferences and summits are being held virtually or at least in a hybrid format. As Working From Home (WFH) is a norm, you will soon make presentations as you demo, present and communicate with those you supervise.

Webinar- Cashflow & Cost Saving Strategies (7 hours)

CASH is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, your business will be game over. In fact, running out of cash is the no. 1 reason for most business failure, especially for SMEs. Despite this, many SME business owners often do not spend much time to understand the in and out of cash. However, during economic crisis period, managing your financial cash flow health become important and critical because it determines your company’s survival. So, to help you to tighten up your cash management in these unpredictable times, we will guide you with a powerful yet easy to learn cash flow forecasting template to evaluate your cash position over the next six (6) months based on different scenarios of your forecasted sales revenue.

Managing Non Performing Staff

Managing the performance of your employees can be a challenge, especially if you have staff who continually fail to produce acceptable results. This 2 days training for Managing Non-performing staff program is an effective way to acting quickly and decisively to manage non-performing staff will to ensure the company maintains a high level of productivity.

Effective Purchasing for Cost Management (1 Day Intensive)

The purchasing efficiency in business organization will impact the business profitability and overall business sustainability. This 2 days x 3.5 hours per day online training program facilitated by an experience trainer and facilitator and with over 30years of industrial experience.

Procurement Management (Source to Supply)

Procurement Management is a competitive weapon that distinguishes successful and profitable organizations from others within the same industry. The impact of procurement on business performance hits the profit margins. Thus, the smaller the profit margin, the more critical is the focus on reducing the procurement costs and risks simultaneously.

Global Air and Sea Freight Operations

The carriage of goods by air and sea plays an important role and a vital link in the businesses, commercial and social development of any countries. These transportation modes bring forth raw materials for production and finished goods for consumption. Hence, the holistic understanding of the air and sea movement dynamics would ensure more success in market and company competitiveness position and sustainability.

Mastering Incoterms 2020 (ICC) in Import Export Management

Engaging in international trade introduces a myriad of complexities, involving various rules, legal structures, and expectations. Within this intricate landscape, one notable challenge arises when it comes to understanding and effectively using Incoterms – essential terms that outline the responsibilities and risks between buyers and sellers in global transactions. Although these terms are crucial for providing clarity and avoiding disputes, they can also be confusing due to their intricate nature and potential for misunderstandings. From selecting the right term for a specific trade to managing who's responsible for what and ensuring everyone is on the same page, mastering Incoterms can be a daunting task.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful drawing software program offered by Adobe. Anyone, regardless of artistic or computer ability, can use Illustrator to do a layout for a book, create a web page, and the list goes on. The best thing about it is though that you can accomplish all these things easily using Illustrator once you learn the program and what different functions and features it provides. This course was designed to give you a full rundown of everything you need to know to make full use of Adobe Illustrator. Using concise, non-technical language, we’ll get you acquainted with this large program and the myriad of features it has to offer you. If you’re a first time user, you’ll be skilled with this program in no time. If you’re a seasoned practitioner, you’ll be a much more advanced user at the end of this program.

Microsoft Word Training

Learn Microsoft Word intensively in a day through iTrainingExpert.

Fundamentals of oil & gas exploration and production (E&P)

This online training program covers general industry overview and basic concepts, historical perspective, oil and gas exploration, drilling operations, production facilities, storage and transportation, oil and gas reserves, crude oil refinery products, crude oil price volatility, oil price risk management, NOCs and IOCs, and project economics. It is aimed to enable the participants to gain a better understanding of E&P Cycle and to develop an understanding of the oil and gas business. After attending this program, the participants will have a better knowledge of different processes involved in E&P industry and will have a fair idea of oil and gas business. 

Effective Incident Investigation & Reporting

Investigating a worksite incident - a fatality, injury, illness, or close call - provides employers and workers the opportunity to identify hazards in their operations and shortcomings in their safety and health programs. Most importantly, it enables employers and workers to identify and implement the corrective actions necessary to prevent future incidents.This online course provides the delegates with an overview of incident investigation. The motivation for this course is to outline a procedure of incident investigation that is objective and satisfies most regulatory requirements. The aim is to learn the lessons, determine the root cause of the incident and develop effective measures to avoid such incidents in future.


Upon completion of this course, participants shall have a better understanding of the technology related to petroleum tanks within the industry. Having this knowledge will help each delegate develop confidence and professional enthusiasm, therefore, increasing their efficiency. The knowledge that participants will gain from this course will be further expanded by on-job training and practical experience they will receive throughout the duration of their career.

Strategic Procurement & Vendor Negotiation Skills

Procurement Management is a competitive weapon that distinguished successful and profitable organizations from others within the same industry. Since procurement takes up most of the working capital, it also offers the largest savings opportunity. When every Purchaser saves 1%, it is significant. When they save 15% it is substantial. Hand in hand, be able to negotiate with vendors and suppliers efficiently and effectively, armed with an array of skills, in an empowered manner. Procurement Management is a competitive weapon that distinguishes successful and profitable organizations from others within the same industry. The impact of procurement on business performance hits the profit margins. Thus, the smaller the profit margin, the more critical is the focus on the procurement costs and risks collectively. Hand in hand, being able to negotiate with vendors and suppliers in a more efficient and effective manner is an added empowerment.

Domestic Enquiry Skills

This 2 Days Intensive course ( Practical Training) is designed to familiarise participants on the do and don’t in conducting a Domestic Inquiry and the procedures that have to be adhered to in conducting a Domestic Inquiry.

Design Thinking For Supervisory Skills

“Design Thinking draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be, and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user (the customer). A design mindset is not problem-focused, it’s solution focused, and action oriented. It involves both analysis and imagination.”

High Performance Leadership For Corporate Leaders- 7 High Key Performance Indicators

Tasked with creating value while managing change, today's corporate leaders need to tackle complicated problems in innovative ways. Built on the largest performance study ever conducted, this course will teach you the theories and tools needed to create a high-performance work environment that drives results and innovation.

Credit Evaluation and Fraud Protection

The credit evaluation and fraud protection training course is to help professionals in Identifying, Mitigation Fraud In Credit Process- Pre, During and After Disbursement. In addition, participants will learn financial statements and apply various financial analysis tools to identify and detect financial fraud via quantitative and qualitative factors. Real problematic finance, debt and fraud cases will be analyzed and scenario solutions will be discussed in the workshop.

Competitive Selling Skills

7 Keys Tools for Competitive Selling Skills training is designed keeping the challenges of sales in mind, and stresses the importance of developing a strong sales performance and management strategy that would bring more business and better profit

Storytelling for Organizational Change - the Ultimate Persuasive Leadership Tool for Managers and Leaders

Stories are a powerful communication tool because they are a bridge between the head and the heart. Stories bring together images and words. They can convey information, build relationships and ignite people into action. That is why organisations all over the world are looking at storytelling as a promising tool for leading organisational change. Like it or not, stories will pull you in – they will elicit some kind of reaction from you (consciously or subconsciously). Stories are a way to honour our past, describe our present and shape our future.

Corporate Liability Provision 17A: Anti Bribery & Anti-Corruption

Corporate Liability Provisions has come into effect on June 1, 2020 under the New Section 17A Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Act 2018.  This Provisions are similar to the UK Bribery Act 2010 and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 whereby a commercial organisation is held liable for their employees and/or associates’ corrupt practices carried out for the organisation’s benefit or advantage. Companies need to put in place adequate procedures to prevent corrupt practices in their organisation and associates to avoid risks of liability and penalties.

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion At the Workplace

There are also small industries in Malaysia, where the owners bring their own communal culture into the company, that also hire a diverse group of people from within Malaysia and abroad, all of whom also work in harmony. What is their secret? How do they do it? A study of these industries shows that many different techniques and methods go into building harmony and inclusivity among a diverse work-force or people.

Introduction to GR & R

The quality of data, and the measurement system that produces that data, is utmost important in any organization that focuses on a fact-based decision making process. Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R & R) is a methodology used to define the amount of variation in the measurement data due to the measurement system. This one day training will provide you with a good understanding of measurement system concepts.

Amendments To Industrial Relations ACT 1967

This course is specially designed to equip participants to have a better understanding of the amendments to the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and be a more knowledgeable leader, manager, practitioner or supervisor.

Winning Employee Engagement

Recent studies on employees have shown that the quality of Employee engagement can determine the business performance of an organisation.

Understanding Malaysian Sales & Service Tax (SST)

Are you still having issues that you would like to seek clarification? Want to better understand about the Sales Tax and Service Tax? Do you want to know the latest update about the Sales and Service Tax? Come and discover with our trainer to have a better understanding of the Malaysian SST plus getting ready for the final GST audit.

Understanding Contract Clauses & Debt Recovery

“The Credit Control team if facing some collection issues because the clients are not paying! What can we do about the default payees?” Do you have this issue in your business? If yes, it would be extremely important to train your credit control, debt collection, sales team and etc to have a full appreciation of the relevant law. None of your staff can confidently negotiate effectively to recover a debt if they don’t understand the ultimate sanctions they can apply. This debt recovery and legal process programme is designed to give you a practical, up-to-date understanding of the law as it applies to your particular organisation. In this practical training, you will also explore all avenues to recover debt, from informal in-house procedures to legal action. The reasons for success, or failure in debt recovery once a debtor has been summoned to court will also be discussed extensively. You will cover: Type of debt recovery and the importance of recovery process

Negotiation Strategies For Success

This "Negotiation Strategies For Success" course will arm you with a framework plus a plethora of tools, techniques, skills, strategies and tactics you can apply to achieve the outcome desired. It also provides a systematic and practical structure which all negotiators whether amateur or experienced can learn and improve from preparation stage to successful commitment. During the process you will also get to hone and sharpen your communication and interpersonal skills.

Understanding Quality & Environmental Management Systems

This program explores both management systems, using the ISO 9001 (with its customer focus) and ISO 14001 (with its societal focus) as the reference baseline, though the concepts can be applied to any other similar management systems.

English Communication At Work

In the world of business, effective communication is essential. The way we communicate with others can greatly enhance relationships and the way we do business. Communication is not just about talking, but understanding what others need.

Negotiate To Deal

Selling is a skill & therefore you can learn how to do it if you want to. The most important part of the sales process is getting your brain set up to attract sales rather than drive sales away

Strategic Sourcing

To become a world-class procurement organization in the 21st century, a company requires various competencies that will enable it to effect strategic sourcing and transfer value throughout the supply chain from supplier to customer. This workshop addresses these and talk delegates through a journey of 360 value creation.

The Psychology of Influencing & Negotiation

This program is highly engaging and will equip your leaders with vital skills to help in those processes. The course material is based on sound psychological approaches to negotiation, which include an understanding of personality, motivation and intelligence. The more practical and scientifically proven approaches of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) and the deep rapport skills that cultivate trust are also covered to create a more meaningful bargaining process in professional negotiation.

Turning Data to Story for Decision Making

In this course, we will cover how to anaylse data given to tell the right stories based on behavorial science, behaviorial economics and understanding analytics. By the end of the program, delegates should be able to have start a conversation with data, turn into ideas for decision making.

Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills

Analytical thinking skills are crucial in the workplace because they help to gather information, articulate, visualize, break down the problem, crunch the numbers and then come to a solution to the complex problems and make effective business decisions. This Critical and Analytical skills training course combines proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas that will grow your skills.

Managing E-Commerce Logistics and Fulfilment

The E-Commerce industry hallmark is on speed, convenience and simplicity between the online sellers and buyers. Back up by various technology and digitalization tools in the virtual business environment.

Power BI Desktop

An in-depth 2-day training course on the data visualization and modelling functions of POWER BI DESKTOP and POWER QUERY EDITOR.

Implementing the 5S: Declutter Your Workplace

This is a very practical-based training instead of theory-based. You will be able to go through each of the 5S’s on your own or act as part of a team. You will be given some case studies / scenario whereby you will transform your workspace from a cluttered, cramped area to a clean and highly functional space.

Train the Trainer Certification HRDCorp

This highly-interactive course is designed to help individuals develop the organizational and charismatic skills needed to become an effective Trainer

Effective Credit Control & Debt Collection Management

This highly interactive 2-day program focuses on credit control and effective management of debt collection skills.


A starter course in Power Automate, a business process automation tool from Microsoft’s Power Platform which allows one to automate repetitive tasks.

SEO and Google Analytics

This 1-Day crash course teaches delegates how to use optimal keywords to achieve search engine optimization and how to analyze the data behind it.

How To Read Financial Statements

Learn How to Read Financial Statements under Finance for Non Finance Training course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to enhance your confidence in understanding figures at work so that you can make better decisions like an accountant and able to hold a logical and informed meeting with the bunch of Finance guys

Insight Selling for Sales Professionals

This course is unique for the following reasons: It builds insights into the complexities of sales discussions with your potential clients. It looks at the different perspectives of customer behavior and why they behave in a certain manner. What pot

Excel Dashboards; Data Visualization

This course on Excel Dashboards is designed to help participants create more dynamic data visualizations for more effective business decision-making.

High Impact Sales Training - Secrets To Handle Sales Objections

This course teaches the highly effective skills and strategies needed to handle objections in sales and how to close deals successfully.

Maximising ChatGPT for Marketing & Sales

"Unlock your marketing potential with ChatGPT! Learn to leverage AI-powered conversational agents for superior sales and marketing performance.

Innovative Leadership Skills For Managers

A one-day crash course to equip managers with cutting-edge leadership skills to foster innovation and create a more dynamic, high performing team.

Succession Planning

This training is designed to help participants develop the knowledge and skills to create effective succession planning strategies for your company.


This crash course provides clients with the knowledge they need to understand the basics of corporate taxation and compliance for SMEs in Malaysia.

Balanced Scorecard

This BSC course equips participants with the tools to rally and align their teams, ensuring everyone works harmoniously toward a shared mission, ultimately enhancing the organization's performance. Throughout this program, you'll gain the skills to construct a Balanced Scorecard from the ground up and harness its potential to drive enhanced performance.

Mastering Graphic Design for Business Excellence

This comprehensive 2-day program, titled "Mastering Graphic Design for Business Excellence," is meticulously crafted to equip professionals with essential skills in digital design, tailored specifically for applications in business branding, advertising and marketing.

Mastering ChatGPT for business writing

This one-day workshop is divided into three parts. First, participants get to understand how ChatGPT works and its limitations. Next, they learn the essentials of good writing. Finally, they put the theory to work in an extended workshop where they will have hands-on experience of writing with ChatGPT.

MINI MBA For Oil And Gas And Energy

Master the business & technical sides of the oil & gas industry, From exploration to refining. For both technical & non-technical professionals