Business Analysis for Decision Making

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  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers

    Finance for Non-Finance Managers

    Learn Finance for Non Finance Training course in dubai to enhance your confidence in understanding figures at work so that you can make better decisions like an accountant and able to hold a logical and informed meeting with the bunch of Finance guys

  • Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    Participants will be acquainted with the latest techniques and strategies available in strategic management, in a program geared to be hands-on, with exciting workshops, exercises, simulations, video analysis, case studies, and other accelerated learning methods, to practice the usage of these skills with team members for maximum participation.

  • Business Acumen Skills

    Business Acumen Skills

    The competition of modern markets has expanded the responsibility of business literacy beyond the purview of senior executives. All levels of management and operations need to keep themselves ahead of the curve. Achieving synergy between business and customer requires cooperation and engagement with everyone in the chain. It requires the keenness and the speed of good business acumen. Business acumen is an operational awareness of how a variety of factors could work together for the overall benefit of your organization as opposed to that of a limited, departmental viewpoint. It’s an uncanny ability to read market forces and understand how to capitalize on them. It is about working with the rest of the team to develop disciplined strategies for performing excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy. This program offers a modular approach to acquiring Business Acumen skills. From financial analysis to assessing human capital to succession planning. Learn how to align various department initiatives into a cohesive business strategy now.