HIRARC;Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control

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  • Operation Management Masterclass

    Operation Management Masterclass

    This intensive Operation Management Masterclass workshop which will be held in Malaysia and Dubai covers the overview of product and service requirements into facilities, procedures, and operating organizations.

  • FMEA- Failure Mode Effects Analysis

    FMEA- Failure Mode Effects Analysis

    Failure Mode Effects Analysis training (FMEA) is a valuable tool for preventing failure in both product and process design. FMEA is not a form to be completed alone by the responsible engineer after the design has been completed.

  • 8D Problem Solving Process

    8D Problem Solving Process

    First developed by Ford Motor Company in 1987, the 8D Problem Solving Process is a systematic resolution methodology that was specific to the manufacturing sector, but has since been adapted into other areas of business for its emphasis on streamlining quality and reliability. The key advantage this process offers over others is in its comprehensive structure. Its goal is not to showcase how to better detect and shoot down problems, but rather how to reorient the system around the problem to contain it and institute features that permanently prevent a recurrence. Systemic reforms driven by the zero tolerance for risk and full accountability of “Root Cause Analysis”. The 8D Problem Solving Process has been beneficial to the auto industry in the thorough implementation of regulations that eliminates failures in product quality and customer safety. Its promotion of open, candid communication creates a workplace culture of precise, team-oriented problem solving that prepares one’s organization for the possibility of another crisis before it becomes evident. This 1-day program offers a rundown of the key principles at work in the 8D Problem Solving Process and how to implement them in your industry.

  • Risk Management & Assessment Tools at the Workplace

    Risk Management & Assessment Tools at the Workplace

    What is so special in this Risk Management and Assessment course? You want to be sharp in identifying and analyzing Risk management and Assessment portfolio in your field. With your acute Risk Management skills, you can make wise and accurate decisions in picking the most appropriate risk models for your business.