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  • Excellent Customer Service & Response to Complaints

    Excellent Customer Service & Response to Complaints

    This Customer Service course provides participants with comprehensive communication and people management skills that strengthens client retention.

  • StoryTelling Skills for Organisational Change

    StoryTelling Skills for Organisational Change

    Surely you can remember the one time that YOU were fascinated by a good story. Think for a moment, have you ever watched a movie or read a blog that you mesmerised you? Remember those times when you read a post on facebook and the story helped you change your opinion about something? So, there is no doubt that stories, and the way they are told, create an imprint and lasting impression on the way we see things, we act and decide. Storytelling is indeed a powerful medium of change. It is a wonderful leadership tool, and when used in a precise manner, influence minds. Storytelling can persuade, inspire and motivate people significantly. This storytelling skills brings positive changes in the way people think, work and make important decisions. What exactly works in the storytelling? We use stories as Metaphors because they are one of the most powerful ways for influence and persuasion. Telling stories as metaphors is an art that can to be mastered, to get accurate results in influencing.

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

    Dealing with Difficult Customers

    Effective Presentation & Influencing Skills seminar offers presentation tips and strategies to help you develop both your presentation and influencing.

  • Turning Data to Story for Decision Making

    Turning Data to Story for Decision Making

    In this course, we will cover how to anaylse data given to tell the right stories based on behavorial science, behaviorial economics and understanding analytics. By the end of the program, delegates should be able to have start a conversation with data, turn into ideas for decision making.