Production Resource Planning, Scheduling and Activity Control

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  • Operation Management Masterclass

    Operation Management Masterclass

    This intensive Operation Management Masterclass workshop which will be held in Malaysia and Dubai covers the overview of product and service requirements into facilities, procedures, and operating organizations.

  • FMEA- Failure Mode Effects Analysis

    FMEA- Failure Mode Effects Analysis

    Failure Mode Effects Analysis training (FMEA) is a valuable tool for preventing failure in both product and process design. FMEA is not a form to be completed alone by the responsible engineer after the design has been completed.

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    Lean Six Sigma

    This Lean Six Sigma introductory course provides a concise overview for executives and senior managers who are involved in evaluating business operation and transactional performance.Through this course, you can start to establish your own Six Sigma

  • Big Data Analytics & Visualization in Excel

    Big Data Analytics & Visualization in Excel

    Data is only as effective as it is accessible. Not everyone can read intricately detailed graphs, charts, maps and understand the implications of their patterns. The solution isn’t to make the data less comprehensive, but how to visually project it a more interactive way that encourages engagement. In this course, we take you through an in-depth overview of how Big Data visualization using Excel tools can result in an accurate predictive analysis of market trends ahead and how to adapt to them.