Effective Presentation & Influencing Skills Using NLP

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  • Persuasive & Influencing Skills Using NLP

    Persuasive & Influencing Skills Using NLP

    A 2-day HIGH POWER Persuasive and Influencing Skills workshop is to sharpen your persuasive and influencing skills . These skills focuses on redefining your current roles, positioning and promoting yourself , products and services you provide to your

  • Advanced Selling Skills: Insight Sales (b2b)

    Advanced Selling Skills: Insight Sales (b2b)

    The 21st century business landscape has rendered the traditional selling approach ineffective if not obsolete. In the past, the management response to slowing sales had been to double down on more calls, meetings, coaching and upskilling in those areas in order to accelerate sales again. However, in this day and age where the clientele is equipped with more information and options than ever before, such approaches are not nearly enough. What's needed is a more data-driven approach. Enter "Insight Selling". A tailored methodology that gleans key insights from the sales process and turns it into solid data for a better, more effective sales experience for the customer. The Insight Selling Process analyzes interactions between salesperson and customer and uses the insight offered by the latter to create a "panel" of more effective responses for a mutually beneficial outcome. This is a far more systematic predictor of sales conversion than a salesperson's most experienced guess. Besides being a data-driven approach, it is also one that encourages salespeople to engage customer needs and anxieties. In this day and age, the customer is spoiled for choice and can do their own research on the product or service they need. And yet, they still talk to sales reps. Why? They need detailed assurance that Google can't provide for all the questions they may not even know how to ask and all the answers they need to know everything about.. This two day course will help familiarize you with the process that can provide that.

  • Professional Business Presentation Skills

    Professional Business Presentation Skills

    The Professional Business Presentation Skills course is customised to focus on building on your confidence using a variety of techniques dealing with presenting in the business world.