Finance for Non-Finance Managers

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  • Microsoft Excel- Advanced

    Microsoft Excel- Advanced

    By the end of the MS Excel; Advanced training, you will bring home the following skills: compute and calculate with advanced functions and formulas organize worksheet and table data using multiple techniques create and modify charts and graphs.

  • Financial Modelling For Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Statements In Excel

    Financial Modelling For Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Statements In Excel

    This 2 day financial modeling course offers you a sound understanding of both the principles of financial modeling and the practical application of these to real-world situations by using Excel to build financial models.

  • Accounting for Non-Accountants

    Accounting for Non-Accountants

    Whether you're a startup or a long established brand, the viability of your business depends on keeping clean and accurate books. Accountants are the quality authors of those books. To summarize, accounting is the ability to analyze income and expenditures while also ensuring compliance with legal regulations in the most efficient way possible. It maintains the vital signs of a business that make it an attractive prospect to investors and an industry standard to government authorities. At first glance, the subject of accounting can seem like a daunting challenge reserved specifically for those with a natural talent for numbers and equations. However, this programs isn't focused on giving participants a degree in accounting, but rather on offering them a fundamental introduction to accounting and how it can be best applied to their respective fields. Regardless of your position, the ability to read financial records and assess the viability of a company budget or future projections is a skill set that will take you far. Upgrade your accounting skills in order to understand the financial status quo of your company and enhance your value in being able to analyze future projections. This intensive 2-day program will help you gain a firm foundation of accounting in any workplace.

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting and Reporting

    Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting and Reporting

    “Cash Flow forecasting” is a technical term essentially meaning “prepping for the profits you expect to receive”. A fundamental principle in business that projects your organization’s financial position and what initiatives it could accordingly plan for around that. The problem cashflow forecasting has always presented is accuracy. Without an overall working culture of transparency and communication to support it, cash flow forecasting can be as pointless as reading tea leaves. Something that would’ve been risky by itself before Covid-19, but it could be absolutely fatal now. Every Manager needs an understanding of finance in order to oversee efficient budgets, manage financial patterns and meet targets. This workshop will provide you with the skills and tools to do this, with the aim of achieving your organization’s overall goals.