Data Analysis & Data Modeling Tools In Excel & Power BI

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  • Microsoft Excel- Advanced

    Microsoft Excel- Advanced

    By the end of the MS Excel; Advanced training, you will bring home the following skills: compute and calculate with advanced functions and formulas organize worksheet and table data using multiple techniques create and modify charts and graphs.

  • Big Data Analytics & Visualization in Excel

    Big Data Analytics & Visualization in Excel

    This Data Visualization and Business Intelligence with Excel course teaches participants how to manage their data using conventional methods and the latest Excel Power tools. Participants then use the art of story-telling to visualize their data on

  • Data Analysis and Reporting like a Pro in Excel

    Data Analysis and Reporting like a Pro in Excel

    In this course, you will learn the techniques professional consultants deployed to prepare their reports in Excel,such techniques increase usability of the reports, i.e.: do-it-once and reuse every time.

  • Microsoft Excel- Intermediate

    Microsoft Excel- Intermediate

    In today's fast- paced, technical business environment world, numbers meant everything. So it is of utmost importance that we the users, are able to manage the data - statistics, planning, reporting efficiently.