Negotiate To Win; Secrets to Improve Your Negotiation Effectiveness

This negotiation skills course provides a comprehensive training session that systematically explores the negotiation process and the communication skill sets needed to capitalize on it.

Strategic Contract Negotiation and Deal Making

This 2-day Strategic Contract Negotiation training course is custom designed to provide participants with essential negotiation skills and interpersonal qualities for effective outcomes.

Negotiation Skills and Cost Optimization for Purchasing Professionals

his powerful Negotiation training for purchasing professionals describes a range of successful negotiating techniques and explains how you can use them to help you achieve your key objectives.

Advanced Negotiation Skills Certification 4 days International

This negotiation skills course is designed to equip experienced negotiators with powerful strategies and techniques to outperform their competition.

Effective Contract Negotiations

Do you feel that anyone without training can negotiate a contract well? You would be losing a lot of money and energy if so. Contracts govern your organization’s relationships with vendors, customers, partners, and employees. Effective contract management ensures these relationships are efficient and profitable so that your business benefits from every agreement and you get optimal financial returns. To ensure your projects’ contracts are properly lay out and negotiated on a win-win basis, you want to learn how to strategically Negotiate All your Contracts!

Negotiation Strategies For Success

This "Negotiation Strategies For Success" course will arm you with a framework plus a plethora of tools, techniques, skills, strategies and tactics you can apply to achieve the outcome desired. It also provides a systematic and practical structure which all negotiators whether amateur or experienced can learn and improve from preparation stage to successful commitment. During the process you will also get to hone and sharpen your communication and interpersonal skills.

Negotiate To Deal

Selling is a skill & therefore you can learn how to do it if you want to. The most important part of the sales process is getting your brain set up to attract sales rather than drive sales away