MS Project 2013 - Level 1

This MS Project workshop introduces the new user to Microsoft Projectand you will learn how create and modify a project plan. The plans need to be updated and modified regularly to keep the project moving on track. Familiarise yourself with the bas

Microsoft Excel- Advanced

This Excel: ADVANCE training program aims to build on a pre-existing foundation of Excel skills and helps to master complex data management features.

Financial Modelling For Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Statements In Excel

This course teaches participants how to create accurate and comprehensive financial modelling for forecasting, budgeting and costing with Excel.

IPv4 Network Administrator Training

IPv4 Network Administrator Training is design for participants will to learn IP addressing, Sub-netting, Route Summarisation, Access control, Common Network equipment, basic Router administrative commands, configuring Router interfaces, planning a Ne

Microsoft Excel Intermediate

This Excel: Intermediate training program helps build on participants' basic foundation of Excel. Learn more advanced features crucial to effective data management skills.

MS Project 2013 - Level 2

This MS Project 2013 (Level 2) course will provide you with the tools to exercise greater cost and management control over your projects, enabling you to work on projects, avoid scheduling conflicts, exchange project data with other users

Microsoft Excel - Basic

This Microsoft Excel course provides you with comprehensive training on the basic functions, formulas and features of Excel. Customizable to suit your corporate data analysis needs.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Level 1

In today's fast- paced, businesses using Microsoft Power Point presentation is indispensable. Learn to use it to prepare sales kit, proposals and reports professionally and create an impression on your audience.

Business Intelligence With POWER BI - Service & Mobile

This is an in-depth 3-day course covering the important functions in the Power BI Desktop, Service (Publish dashboard on Browser) and Mobile (View from Mobile Devices) You will also learn data modelling, visualizations and the Power Query Editor. The main benefit is to acquire the ability to extract, edit, model and visualize complex, voluminous data.

Power Query & Power Pivot

A one-day intensive training in Excel business You use: •Use Power Query to get, clean, shape and transform your data •Use Power Pivot to model your huge data, define calculations and establish relationship between tables/ queries.

Microsoft Powerpoint - Intermediate

In today's fast- paced, businesses using Microsoft Power Point presentation is indispensable. Learn to use it to prepare sales kit, proposals and reports professionally and create an impression on your audience.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful drawing software program offered by Adobe. Anyone, regardless of artistic or computer ability, can use Illustrator to do a layout for a book, create a web page, and the list goes on. The best thing about it is though that you can accomplish all these things easily using Illustrator once you learn the program and what different functions and features it provides. This course was designed to give you a full rundown of everything you need to know to make full use of Adobe Illustrator. Using concise, non-technical language, we’ll get you acquainted with this large program and the myriad of features it has to offer you. If you’re a first time user, you’ll be skilled with this program in no time. If you’re a seasoned practitioner, you’ll be a much more advanced user at the end of this program.

Microsoft Word Training

Learn Microsoft Word intensively in a day through iTrainingExpert.

Excel Business Intelligence Tools

This is an advanced Excel course, covering Excel tools Pivot Table, Power Pivot, Power Query and 3DMap in detail. You will be introduced to business intelligence, OLAP, flat files, relational databases and big data. This course focuses on i) Reducing participants’ turnaround-time in data preparation at the workplace using the abovementioned tools compared to usage of conventional Excel methods. ii) Data visualization using 3DMap.

Business Intelligence With Power BI - DESKTOP

This is an in-depth 2-day course covering the important functions and tools of Microsoft’s Power BI, a business analytics tool for stunning visuals, extracting, transforming & analyzing data, collaborating & decision making.


A starter course in Power Automate, a business process automation tool from Microsoft’s Power Platform which allows one to automate repetitive tasks.