Business Communication Skills

The challenge of business communication is the perennial obstacle for all professionals pursuing excellence. The ability to speak, write and present with confidence and clarity in the workplace is absolutely essential for anyone who seeks an upward career regardless of industry. The subtle nuances of business communication are often neglected by many who favor profit-driven “hard sell” tactics. As a result, important things like applying the appropriate language to the appropriate context, emphatically listening to the other party or even punctuating the right content for one’s emails and reports, can be overlooked. Make no mistake, forgetting the basics is the fastest way to get written off as slacker. From tonality, structure, content and body language, this program offers a crash course on the fundamental principles that need to be utilized in order to improve one’s communication skills (spoken and written) in the workplace and make for a more effective and confident professional.

Oral English and Better Grammar for Business

This intensive course is for very busy working adults who need to enhance their credibility in their written work, be it a business proposal or business emails. Learn what it takes to produce fluent and error-free written work.

Email and Report Writing Skills

This Email and Report Writing course is designed to boost administrative professionals develop top-notch writing skills to increase their efficiency

Developing Effective Business Case

This Developing Effective Business case course is carefully crafted to help you define the best solutions to your frustrating problems with your business or new products.

Business English: Spoken English and Grammar

Most of us use English at work know the grammar of the language but they may not know much about the grammar how to analyse their own use of it. This practical workshop aims to establish an understanding of the basic ways in which the rules.