Business Communication Skills

This program gives participants a crash course on the effective oral and written communication skills required for business deals.

Oral English and Better Grammar for Business

This intensive course is for very busy working adults who need to enhance their credibility in their written work, be it a business proposal or business emails. Learn what it takes to produce fluent and error-free written work.

Email and Report Writing Skills

This Email and Report Writing course is designed to boost administrative professionals develop top-notch writing skills to increase their efficiency

Developing Effective Business Case

This Developing Effective Business case course is carefully crafted to help you define the best solutions to your frustrating problems with your business or new products.

Business English: Spoken English and Grammar

Most of us use English at work know the grammar of the language but they may not know much about the grammar how to analyse their own use of it. This practical workshop aims to establish an understanding of the basic ways in which the rules.

Managing Meetings and Minutes Writing Made Easy

This 2-Day Minutes Writing workshop is designed to help you improve your skills in minute-taking. You will do various fun, edu-training practical activities that will show you how to write accurately and concisely while selecting the right vocabulary

English Communication At Work

In the world of business, effective communication is essential. The way we communicate with others can greatly enhance relationships and the way we do business. Communication is not just about talking, but understanding what others need.