Influencing and Persuading Skills

Come and Discover how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can transform your way through communication! Practice the secrets used by star communicators and lay the foundations of strong communication.

Cross Cultural Communication

Doing business in Asia learn cross cultural business program |Are you comfortable working and communicating within a culturally diverse environment? How comfortable are you to speak up during meetings with foreign customers?

Crisis Management on Social Media; How to Respond to a Social Crisis Effectively

This one day training intensive Crisis Management on Social Media workshop is designed to be highly practically to will help you create your own robust crisis management strategy before things spiral out of control and cause permanent reputational da

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Effective Presentation & Influencing Skills seminar offers presentation tips and strategies to help you develop both your presentation and influencing.

Colored Brain Communication for Leaders; Lead, Drive and Inspire Your Team

Developed by Arthur Francisco Carmazzi, “Colored Brain Communication” is a mode of psychometric profiling that distinguishes itself from other behavioral analytical tools by focusing less on a person’s identity and more on their neuro-processing “identity”. Each individual communicates in a very specific set of ways that makes them productive with a certain group of like-minded people and discordant with another group of people. This method of mental processing and communication can be categorized into specific sets of “brain colors”. They encompass how we act, react, analyze , solve complex problems and motivate ourselves. Ever since its inception as a valid tool for psychometric analysis, Colored Brain Communication has since become one of the foremost methodologies used in the corporate world to facilitate conflict resolution, team development and consistently garner peak performances around its organizational framework. The secrets to its success lie in being able to create a heightened state of self-awareness in our decision making, how to gravitate towards similarly "brained" individuals and how to adapt to those who are different from us. This program will participants through a detailed understanding of the concepts behind “Colored Brain Communication” and the analytical tools it makes available for a healthier, more productive workplace

Crisis & Disaster Management

How to handling disaster, Tackling crisis, Addressing operational & business continuity? We have global warming crisis now and it appears to stay. Earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunamis hit Asia, America and Oceania many times in the past, and can recur any time too in future. These natural disasters and crisis are made worse by other man-made crisis like terrorist attacks, regional wars (both military and economics). Then there are calamities like massive oil spills from shipwrecked tankers, nuclear rector leakages, hazardous chemical factories explosions, and act s of sabotages like hijacking and pirate attacks on the high seas. Our planet earth never seemed to be void of pandemics. The bovine fever or mad cows disease invaded Europe in the 80’s. Then SARs, JE, and bird’s flu that broke Asia in turmoil the 90’s. Most recently the corona virus (CoVid-19) starting in Wuhan province in China became a world-wide crisis as declared by WHO. What do we do as individuals, as ciiizens of nations to counter or be safe from this plague? And as employees of organisations that stand to lose huge, financially and non-financially, each time disaster/crisis erupts? This Course discuses how To Be Prepared, and What To Do when disaster and crisis strikes.

Persuasive Communication Skills

In today's business world, our work requires not only the academic skills. You need to build up your resilience and agility at work to handle all kinds of situations. And NLP can help achieve this through its core communication techniques.

Business Continuity Plan for Pandemic Crisis

An influenza pandemic would have a very significant impact on economic activity and would pose a major threat to business continuity. In the event of a pandemic, businesses would suffer high rates of absenteeism, disruption to supply-chains, disruption to business travel, controlling risk of infection in the workplace and a fall in demand for goods and services, as well as human resource, insurance and cash flow. The threat could be severely affect businesses resulting in huge losses, retrenchment, health issues such as deaths and widespread of contagious diseases, low morale of workers and even potential bankruptcy.

Diversity At Workplace

This Workplace Diversity training course is a method to teach employees best practices when interacting with individuals with diverse backgrounds. This course can educate employees on how to break the barriers (ethnic, social, political differences, etc.) of employees, so that they can work jointly and productively as a team.